Boost Speed Of Your Blog

Your blog's loading speed dictates Google Search Rank, Traffic, and User experience. Plain HTMLs load much faster than database based blogs like Wordpress blogs. Choose the right blogging platform to boost your content marketing efforts.

Use Your Favorite Blog Editor

You don't have to sacrifice convenience for gaining speed for your blog. Olai works with existing blog editors like MarsEdit & ScribeFire. You can create, edit, and delete posts from your favorite editors. There won't be a drop in your productivity by switching to Olai.

Automatically Push To Your Web-Host

When you press 'publish', Olai will automatically generate HTML files and push them to Amazon S3 or Github Pages, whichever is set as the blog-host. You don't have to do a thing after the initial setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Olai different from Jekyll, Pelican and other static site generators?

Olai is a hosted static site generator, so you are not tied to the machine in which you install these tools. You can post from anywhere through any web browser, even from a mobile.

Not only that. You can use your favorite blog editor, like MarsEdit and ScribeFire. This gives you the ability to write articles locally and post when you connect to Internet.

What are the features I can use now?

  • Create, edit, delete sites
  • Create, edit, delete pages or posts
  • Add or modify tags for posts
  • Modify automatically generated fancy URLs (slug)
  • Add Google Analytics, Statcounter or Clicky Analytics Id
  • Customize blog theme
  • Automatically push to personal Github Page or Amazon S3

How do I setup Amazon S3 or Github Pages?

A step by step guide to setting Amazon S3 and Github Pages are found in the blog. Click on the relevant link to access the guide. If you need any help, contact Support Team.

Can I see some blogs generated with Olai?

Contact & Support

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